Cooky can estimates the time until the water will boil and remind you if it happens.


The pasta will every time cooked to the point. The over boiling sensor give you security, if you leave the kitchen. Also you can save energy with the estimation of the residual heat.


If you heat up milk, have no fear for boil over.



Saute the onion and garlic perfect. The base for a lot of one pot recipes.


Heat up

When heating dishes you are spared long waiting times next to stove. The App estimates the cooking time and informs you when it is ready.


Obviously it also works with the plug probe sensor in the oven or BBQ.



One pot recipes

Spinach rice with feta



Chili con vegetarian



Potatoes with dill, cooked to the point



Curry lentil soup



Control the core temperature and the doneness of your meat will be perfect.



Roast beef medium rare

Technical data

Technical data

The main properties and advantages of Cooky:

  • Wireless – Monitor the cooking temperature on your smartphone
  • Remote alerts – If you leave the range of BT (15m, 50ft), the smartphone can send alerts to all your devices whilst connected with BT, limited only by your internet connection. You may leave the house and still know when dinner is perfect.
  • Easy to use – Download the App and connect it to the Cooky.
  • Record the temperature without the App – Cooky works independently and records the temperature history even before you start the App. Place the Cooky on the pot and when the temperature increases, Cooky turns on. The temperature history from the previous 30 minutes will be transferred to the App.
  • Over boil and temperature alert (Smartphone and Cooky)
  • Estimation of the duration until the start temperature is reached and the cooking time depending on the residual heat. This is based on the Van’t Hoff equation.
  • Reminder – You are reminded if a temperature that requires a certain action is reached, a recipe step is to do or the cooking time is over,
  • Step by step cooking – Get inspired by the prepared recipes included in the App or record your own recipes.
  • Learning mode – Record your own recipes and reproduce them later.
  • Share – Export the recorded temperature curve in the csv format.
  • Easily washable – The materials are optimized for easy cleaning.
  • All cooker types – You can use Cooky with electric cookers, gas cookers, ceramic hobs and induction hobs.
  • BBQ – Use the optional additional plug probe sensor with a 1m (3.28ft) cable to measure the core and the ambient temperature in an oven, grill or smoker.
  • Rechargeable – With standard micro USB connector/recharger.  (USB cable and recharger are not included in the delivery)
  • Replaceableaccumulator – We aim to create a product with a long service life that is as sustainable as possible.

What material are used and the technical specifications of the device and the probe sensors.

  • Pot probe sensor: Cable material: PTFE (Teflon) cord, Length: ~12 cm (~0.39ft), Probe material: Stainless steel , Temperature range -5°C – 250°C (23°F – 482°F), Accuracy 0.3°C (0.54°F)
  • Plug probe sensor: Probe with two sensors for core and ambient temperature, Cable material: High-heat silicone metal shielded cord, length: ~1m (~3.28ft) , Probe material: Stainless steel, Temperature range -20°C – 300°C (-4°F – 572°F), Accuracy 1°C (1.8°F)
  • Dimensions: 50*40*20mm (1.97*1.57*0.79inch)
  • Operating time >160h (non-stop cooking), stand-by >180 days
  • Rechargeable with a standard USB re-charger (Micro USB connector)
  • Smartphone/Tablet: Minimal OS version: Android 4.3, iPhone 4s, iPad, 3rd generation
  • BTE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) distance range 15m (50ft)
Remote alerts

Remote alerts

If you leave the range of Bluetooth (15m, 50ft) and your smartphone is connected to the internet, you can activate the Remote alerts function of the App and the Smartphone will turn into an internet bridge.  This way you can monitor the temperature, the time, the cooking steps and the alerts on all devices whilst being connected to the internet. (iOS, Android and Windows).

You may do the shopping, go for a walk with your dog and still keep an eye on the stove or oven.

Remote alerts everywhere



Alerts under Windows 10

Alerts under Windows 10


BBQ and grill

BBQ and grill

Cooky may also be used in a BBQ, oven or grill. The plug probe sensor has two temperature sensors for the ambient and core temperature. The App has a BBQ mode that allows you to monitor both temperatures.
Choose the type of meat and the doneness and you will be reminded once the core temperature is reached.


Roast beef medium rare

The device has magnets at the back that allow you to put it in the oven or grill.

The cooking process

The cooking process

In the following, two examples of the cooking process, a simple and a more complex one, are described illustrating the benefits of time and energy saving and the advantages of the monitoring function.


Spaghetti, a simple example that demonstrates how time and energy are saved

1. Preparation

After placing the pot including water and salt on the switched-on stove, you can leave the kitchen.
In another room you can start the App and choose the recipe from the dropdown menu. The device records the temperature whether the app is started or not.
After some time you can see the estimated time until the second step starts.

2. Start the cooking process

After some minutes you are reminded by your smartphone that the second cooking step needs to be executed.



3. Energy saving

After some minutes the stove can be turned off for energy saving. In this case you save about 19% of energy.
The remaining cooking time will be estimated depending on the measured temperature.



4. Ready

The App advises you when the recipe is ready depending on the residual heat.
When the device is removed from the pot, the alarm stops automatically.



When cooking spaghetti you need about 20 minutes from placing the pot with cold water on the cooker until the spaghetti are ready. During this time you can leave the kitchen for 13 minutes and do other tasks.

Also you can save about 19% of energy.



Curry lentil soup, a one pot recipe

The following video shows how easy it is to prepare a delicious stew with the help of Cooky.